Friday, March 4, 2011

What Is Your "Real Threat Level"?

What is your "Real Threat Level"? The other day I was reading something from another minister where he made the statement that adverse circumstances are not your greatest threat, but your greatest threat is in the incorrect thoughts and beliefs that do their best to slip in during our hardships. Victory should always be a way of life and not a "one-time" event! Many times our troubles will sour our thinking and our believing.

The Bible says about the righteous that believe, in Psalm 37:19, "They shall survive through hard times; even in famine (or economic hard times) they will have more than enough." (NLT) Even in adversity we should hold fast to what His Word says and not circumstance. Don't you sit there and say "my circumstance" either. It's NOT your circumstance and it is NOT your problem...unless you are taking it. In the military they assess the "threat level" in a situation. I'm asking you, "Are you taking it?" Are you taking your circumstance or problem and holding it close to you because you believe it more than you believe His Word? If you are, you need to re-assess by asking yourself, "Whose report do I really believe?"

You see, faith is the ability to not panic. If you are in panic or worry, you didn't pray. If you prayed, then don't worry or panic. Why? Because we believe what His Word says! Guard your thoughts! Guard what you dwell on! When you dwell on something, you'll find it getting down into your heart. Once it gets into your heart, you'll begin to start believing it. After you start believing it, you'll start speaking it. After you start speaking, you'll be living in it. Circumstances and problems will come and go, but His Word never changes! It's a constant that you can stand fast on. It is your duty to honor the Lord by, "casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5) Remember that your feelings are nothing but a thermometer, but your confession is your thermostat.

If you are in a "dark place" or battling incorrect thoughts and beliefs because of adversity, here is a scripture to encourage you and help you to re-assess your "threat level". “Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, your inheritance in the land will be doubled and your joy go on forever” (Isaiah 61:7, The Message). I believe that the Lord wants to bless you and not just repay you, but the God of restoration wants to bless you double for all your trouble! Keep Philippians 4:8-9 in your thoughts,"Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies." (The Message) So, what is your "real threat level" right now? Amen.

What Feeds You?

Think about this one, "What feeds you, will lead you." Oh there is so much truth in that statement. If you are led by your flesh, that will be what will lead you. If you are led by your spirit, then that will be what will lead you. Paul told us in 1 Thessalonians 5:23,"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Notice that Paul said, "spirit, soul, and body." Even in the old texts, that is the order of the words. I believe that there is a point to be made here. Paul wrote those words in that order! One, two, three! Divine order! We tend to live it backwards! If you are led by your "body" first (your flesh), then your body will be the one telling your soul (which is your mind, your will, and your emotions) what to do, and keep your spirit man down. BUT, if you are following after the Lord, feeding your spirit man FIRST, then your "spirit" man will be telling your soul and your body what to do. You see, "What feeds you, will lead you!"

You can tell a lot about what you feed on by what you say out of your mouth. Even the things that you do willingly and the strife that you're in. Some people feed on so much "subtle" stuff that they drift so far from shore that they cannot see the answer to get back. Usually, they are in deep sin and blame everyone else and refuse to look in the mirror and correct their life. Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you way more than you want to pay!

So, what are you feeding on? Have you lost your friends and your godly relationships because of your "feeding habits"? Is it controlling you and keeping from walking closer to God? Or is it causing you to hunger and thirst for MORE of Him? Who or what are you yielding to? What are you feeding on? What's leading you? Amen or Oh me!